Setting Up Google Authenticator (2FA) with MyBlockX

One way to keep your MyBlockX account safe is by generating a time-sensitive security code. You can get these codes from several mobile apps that support TOTP (Time-based one-time password).

At this moment Google Authenticator is the only supported 2FA app. But don't worry, others are on their way!


To get Google Authenticator simply go to the Apps store on your phone and search Google Authenticator and download.




Connecting Google Authenticator with MyBlockX

1. Open your Google Authenticator App on your phone


2. Click on the (+) icon to add a new account (this will open your camera)


3. Log in to your MyBlockX Account


4. Head to settings (the gear icon in the top right)



5. Head to and click "Two Factor Authentication"



6. Toggle on 2FA to receive the QR Code and long-tail backup codes located underneath the QR code (note: these long-tail codes should be carefully written down and stored in a safe place to use for logging in if you ever lose your phone).



7. Back to your Google Authenticator app, click on "Scan QR Code"



8. Hover your camera over the QR code in your BLKX account. The accounts are now connected.


When you log out, you will need your Google Authenticator App to login.


Logging in to Your MyBlockX Using Google Authenticator

Open and place your email and password.



In the 2FA location, you will need to open your Google Authenticator App and type in the 6 digit number auto generated for you. Alternatively you can type in the long-tail code you wrote down previously.




Get Locked Out?

No worries, simply follow these steps:

1. Email and send us your email associated with your BLKX account.

2. Confirm you are the owner the account by sharing:

  • The balance within the account, either of one of the assets (like BTC, BLKX, or ETH)
    • note: tell the amount in crypto, not the USD value.. for ex. 1BTC instead of $25,000 of BTC
  • A previous transaction you've done (by providing the TXID or reference)
  • Confirming the amount of BLKX you have staked

3. We will manually go in and turn 2FA off for you, so you can get back in.

4. Delete MyBlockX within your Google Authenticator App (as you will need to reconnect it)

  • Hold your finger down on MyBlockX line item within Google Authenticator
  • A trashcan icon will appear in the top right of your screen for you to delete it

5. Once 2FA is turned off and you have deleted MyBlockX from Google Authenticator, log in and turn 2FA on again (repeating all the steps from the beginning listed above).

If you do not have Google Authenticator, make sure you have downloaded Google Authenticator


Remember do not share your email or password with anyone you do not trust as accounts can be compromised and your balances cleaned out!


If you suspect shady activity or that your account has been compromised please reach out to immediately and ensure your 2FA is on (if it already isn't).

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  • I need assistance setting up the 2FA.


    Thank you

  • Hey my friend, thanks for writing this! Please send us an email at and we can officially get you started there.


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