What 2-step Verification Apps (TOTP) Can I Use?

One way to keep your MyBlockX account safe is by generating a time-sensitive security code. You can get these codes from several mobile apps that support TOTP. At this moment Google Authenticator is the only supported 2FA app. But don't worry, others are on their way!


To use one of these apps:

  1. Navigate to Security Settings.
  2. Ensure you have a verified phone number.
  3. Click the option to "Enable Authenticator" and follow the instructions.


Get Locked Out?

No worries, simply follow these steps:

1. Email support@myblockx.com and send us your email associated with your BLKX account.

2. We will manually go in and turn 2FA off for you, so you can get back in.

3. Log in https://app.myblockx.com/login and turn 2FA on again. However, make sure you have downloaded Google Authenticator

4. In your BLKX account when you've enabled 2FA, scan the QR code with your phone so that it connects with Google Authenticator and now you should be good to log off and sign back in with no problems.

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  • I need assistance setting up the 2FA.


    Thank you


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