Security Keys FAQ

What is a Security Key?

A security key is a hardware authentication device designed to authenticate access through one-time password generation. MyBlockX supports Universal Second Factor (U2F) security keys, which work with most devices and preferences. Supported security keys are available from a variety of vendors. MyBlockX recommends buying a key that works best for your device and preferences.


Important Note: All hardware authentication devices are not MyBlockX products. If you use any other supported security keys, be aware that they may have different terms and conditions of use which we recommend reviewing before using them in your account.

You should also understand how these alternate functions will affect the privacy policies for each type of key as well since our policy is significantly more robust than what's available on its own due to additional data protection measures built into it during the manufacturing process

Links to third-party websites may open new browser windows. MyBlockX accepts no responsibility for the content on these external sites, and cannot guarantee that they will abide by our rules or policies when it comes time for them to go live in production environments.

Why is a security key more secure?

Dedicated physical hardware authentication devices are more secure than other 2FA methods because they don't need to be stored on a networked device.

The 2FA currently on MyBlockX is Google Authenticator

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