Behavior Policy

MyBlockX customer support is here to help you with any inquiry. Our team will do our best in resolving your issue as swiftly and quickly as possible, but sometimes there are situations where the line must be drawn between good customer service vs protecting ourselves from abuse.


We want you to feel safe when interacting with us, and we'll do everything in our power not only for a solution but also to help take care of any worry or stress involved. However, if the frustration becomes aggressive threats towards one another (or staff), then MyBlockX reserves the right to refuse additional service until such time that they deem appropriate based on severity/frequency; all violence is reported directly to law enforcement officials as well.


MyBlockX regulations say that we will not tolerate abusive or threatening language towards our staff. We strive to offer the best support in an industry where customer satisfaction is key, but when someone mistreats one of us with this type of behavior - MyBlockX reserves the right for termination.


Thank you for understanding our need to create a respectful and safe workplace. We are happy that we can help customers use MyBlockX, but the right comes with an expectation of thoughtful consideration in how it's used- please feel free to contact us if there are any questions or clarifications on this policy.

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