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How does MyBlockX score my password?

We use the zxcvbn algorithm developed at Dropbox to assign a 'crack time' that represents how long it would take an offline attacker with access to your database if they were able. You can read more about this methodology here:

zxcvbn: realistic password strength estimation


What are the password requirements on MyBlockX?

Passwords should be at least 8 characters long and have an estimated offline crack time of over 6,000 seconds. We do not enforce any arbitrary restrictions on numbers or special characters but the length is limited to 72 total chars including spaces for security purposes.


How do I choose a good password?

MyBlockX strongly recommends the use of password manager software such as 1Password. A password manager can generate random, unique passwords for each website you visit and automatically fill in your login details so that it is more difficult for would-be hackers to guess what they are trying out on behalf of themselves or others who may have access rights with different profiles.

It is important to create a password, which is unique and long for your account. Do not reuse passwords from other websites especially the ones used on email accounts as they are usually easy to use due to their length. Creating passphrases may also work well but make sure you do so correctly because hackers have access to databases containing quotes that can be easily guessed by users such as "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."


My password is long and random, why does it have a low crack time?

We check all passwords against password dumps and leaks across the internet. It's possible that your password was found in one of these dumps. We recommend you change your password immediately.


How does MyBlockX store passwords?

MyBlockX salts and hashes all passwords using the bcrypt algorithm with a work factor of 12. We never store your password in plain text.


How strong is my current password?

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