How to get BLKX Tokens from Metamask to your MyBlockX account

Getting your BLKX tokens from your Metamask account is fast and simple, just follow the steps and pictures below.

Here's how to do it:

1. Go to and login with your credentials.



2. Click on the "down arrow icon"



3. Choose your funding method - in this case we are adding crypto



4. Select the crypto you would like to deposit (in this case BLKX)



5. Copy the address or scan the QR code



6. Keep this page open, and now log in to your Metamask account


7. Click on the BlockX Beachball



8. Select your BLKX Account (you may have renamed it, or if you haven't it might be labeled "Account 2")



9. Click on the arrow within your BLKX Wallet



10. Select "send"



11. Paste in your BLKX Exchange Address into the search bar (the address you got in step 5)



12. Here you can select the total amount you would like to transfer out. Clicking MAX will ensure you send all your BLKX. Or you can send only a portion. Whatever you wish. Now click "next."



13. Review the gas fees and click "confirm."

Note: if the gas fees are high or "non-existent," simply try this process again in a few minutes to see if the price has dropped or if the data is available. Usually the later in the day the lower the gas fees.


The transfer should take place in a few minutes.


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