Reset Password Token is Invalid - What do I do?

If you have attempted resetting your password and get the message "reset password token is invalid" all you have to do is rest your password following these steps:

  1. Refresh your computer page
  2. Visit the Password Reset page.
  3. Enter the email address associated with your MyBlockX account and select RESET PASSWORD to receive an email.
  4. From the email, select "Reset Password."
  5. Enter your new password in the Choose A Password and Confirm Password fields, then select UPDATE PASSWORD.
  6. You can now sign in with your new password.

FYI* You can reset it to the password that you use, but you need to reset it regardless because we use a new encryption key making the security much stronger for you.


Resetting Doesn't Work

Chances are what's happening is there is a discrepancy between the email you're typing in and the email we have in the database. Simply contact us at and send us your username. We will go into the database and find the email associated with that account and send it back to you. From there, you can sign in (though you will likely have to follow the above steps to reset the password with that email to ensure it's under our new encryption).


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