My Account Balance is Missing

You've logged into your account and the balance is zero. What's going on?!

No need to worry, your tokens are safe. We’ve extensively checked all balances of all accounts and nothing is missing. What happens sometimes is there's a discrepancy between the username someone types in and the one we have on file. They wind up logging into an account that isn't the account that has their funds. Try one of these two things:

Password Reset

  1. Visit the Password Reset page.
  2. Enter the email address associated with your MyBlockX account and select RESET PASSWORD to receive an email.
  3. From the email, select "Reset Password." FYI - You can use the same password you have previously for your "new password."
  4. Enter your new password in the Choose A Password and Confirm Password fields, then select UPDATE PASSWORD.
  5. You can now sign in with your new password and you should see your balance.

Resetting Password Didn't Work

However, if you've already tried this and it didn't bring you to your account that has your balance, then it's probably that we just have a different email account in the database. Email with your username. We will then check the database and see what email we have in there for you. Once located, we'll send that back over to you to try logging in again. Keep in mind, you'll likely have to do the reset password flow with this email account as well to make sure that it's under our updated encryption.


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