My Coins are Missing In My MetaMask Wallet

You have a miner hooked up to your MetaMask account, and you have received coins before. However, you have just logged in and now see zero! Maybe you see your ETH is still there, but there's no BLKX to be found. No worries, this is an easy fix!

What's happening is it could be that your wallet has been disconnected from the metamask interface. 

This doesn't mean that your wallet or coins are gone, nor that you are unable to receive more BLKX rewards, it just means its not showing up on your metamask to see.

This is easy to get back by using one of the following trouble shooting methods below:


Trouble Shooting 1: Private Keys

Back when your miner-provider first sent you your Metamask instructions, they included your private keys and contract address.

They had sent it to you from a protonmail account (so search your email account for one of these).

Once you locate those numbers (the contact address), you can go back to your Metamask wallet and click on the little multicolored "beach ball" looking icon. It's located to the right beside "Ethereum Mainnet"




If you see only Account 1, and no other accounts, you will need to click on:

"Import account"




You will be prompted to enter your private key. This will be the incredibly long series of letters and numbers. You should have this manually written down somewhere safe in a water proof and fire proof location.




Note: If you put in your private string and it doesn't work, then gives you the notification "the account you are trying to import is a duplicate" see "Trouble Shooting 5" at the bottom of this article.


Trouble Shooting 2: Import Tokens

Once you've entered the private keys, you should see "account 2", but it's likely still showing empty, or perhaps just your ETH balance (if you have some).

You'll want to add your BLKX tokens.

At the bottom, just above MetaMask Support, you will see an link which says "Refresh List" and "Import Token."


First click "refresh list" to see if it shows up there.


Trouble Shooting 3: Activate "Token Detection"

If trouble-shooting 2 doesn't work, you can check to see if your "token detection" is activated.

Simply click on the beachball icon in the navbar, head to "settings" and then select "experimental" and make sure "token detection" is toggled on.




Trouble Shooting 4: Custom Tokens

If trouble-shooting 3 doesn't work and BLKX still doesn't show up in the search bar, click "import token" and then "custom token"



From there, you will enter your contract address from the email your miner supplier had provided. This will be another long series of letters and number (which you should have also manually written down somewhere safe).

Make sure you click on "add token" after you pasted the contract address.

You should be able to see your BlockX tokens at that point.


Trouble Shooting 5: "Hide Tokens Without Balance" - TURN OFF

If you transferred all of your BLKX out of your MetaMask to the exchange, or your computer went through an update, or you are attempting to login to MetaMask on another computer, or maybe something else happened, and now your BLKX wallet is no where to be found, it is possible the "hide tokens without balance" option was turned on. To turn it off follow these steps:

Go to the beachball icon in the navbar and select "settings" to go to "general."


Once in there scroll down to "hide tokens with out balance" and turn that OFF if you see that it is on.


Head back to your dashboard and refresh the page if needed. Your BLKX wallet should have returned.


Trouble Shoot 6: Contact Your Miner Provider

Ultimately the BlockX Exchange is not connected to MetaMask or anything mining related. If the above methods have not worked for you, it is possible you will need someone to go into a deeper look.

If you need assistance you can schedule a zoom call with Digital Mint support:

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