MetaMask Didn't Transfer My Coins, But ETH Was Still Spent

You have attempted to transfer coins from your MetaMask wallet to the exchange, and you paid gas fees but the coins still remain in your MetaMask wallet.
No worries, this is a simple fix! The transaction likely failed on your side, not the exchange's side, due to not having enough ETH in MetaMask to cover the gas fees.
You need to add more Ethereum (ETH) to your wallet that you're sending from in order for the transaction to be successful. If you have too little, you can encounter this situations where you get an 'Out of Gas' error where some ETH is spent but the transaction is not completed. You can read more about how to put ETH into your MetaMask wallet here: Get ETH onto MetaMask

How Much ETH Do You Need

Once you begin transferring from MetaMask, there will be a page that tells you the estimated amount of gas fees to complete the transaction.
Here's an example:

  • The top number is what there is in total for ETH - $44.38
  • The second number is the estimated gas fee to send that amount - $12.41
  • The third number is the gas + the amount being sent, giving the total for the whole transaction. - $56.79
Thus, in order to send $44, one needs to have at least $56.79 worth of ETH in their account. The fees fluctuate in amount as well depending on how many people are using the ETH blockchain at that moment. Typically fees are lower in the evening as there are less people online.
Generally speaking, sending 100,000+ blkx can cost around $12-25 of gas fees if you catch the right window. 
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