Where Can I Find My TXID? (transaction ID)

You are certain you made a transfer, but it doesn't appear in your wallet and you don't know where it went. Or maybe you have a specific question about a specific transaction. Sometimes we require a TXID (transaction ID) to see if we can find it!

Without a TXID (transaction ID) we cannot locate any funds for you whether it's a sale, purchase, or transfer. The TXID would be available for you in your exchange wallet. You can locate it by following these steps:



  1. sign into metamask
  2. click on your BLKX wallet
  3. click on the last transaction (ie,. the transaction in question)
  4. click on "copy transaction ID"
  5. It will be copied, and you can share it with others

Photos below in order:






MyBlockX Exchange

At this point, the dev team is currently working on the function to display your TXID when clicking on the transaction in your "recent activity" section on the dashboard. But until that function is operational, simply reach out to support@myblockx.com and request it!

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