How Do I Buy, Sell, or Withdraw BLKX Tokens or Any Crypto?

You have successfully transferred your crypto from MetaMask or another exchange and you want to either buy more, trade it for something else or withdraw it to another wallet! Here's how:


Selling - Market Order (the fastest way to trade)

  • go to the "two arrows" icon on the right side of the navbar
  • in the "trade" area select BLKX
  • in the "for" area select USD
  • put in the amount you would like to sell
  • click "review trade"


The trade will be executed immediately at the currently available value and can be seen in your "recent transactions" on your dashboard. You have now "sold" your coins and traded them for USD.


Buying - Market Order (the fastest way to trade)

  1. Go to trade (the icon at the top right of the page with the two arrows)
  2. Convert your USD to your coin of choice
  3. Click "review trade" and now you have bought crypto

MyBlockX will integrate gas-free token swaps in the future, but for now, you first have to convert your crypto to USD, and then your USD into the currency you want to buy or withdraw. From there you can withdraw the crypto to any other wallet.


Buying/Selling - Limit Order (the strategic way to trade)

Go to the "market" link on the left side of the navbar




Locate BLKX among the coins listed (or whatever coin you wish to trade).




In "limit order" click "buy" or "sell" and put in the price you are willing to buy or sell your coins and how many coins you want in the order (buying is called a "bid" and selling is called an "ask." Both will be located in the market depth chart just below. Place your order and confirm.




Your limit order will be located in "market depth" along with all the other trades. Bids (or buyers) are displayed on the left in green and Asks (or that selling) are listed on the right in red.




Special Note on Limit Orders

Limit orders aren't always immediate. Your order will only be filled once there is a matching price.

For example, if you put in a Sell Order (or an Ask) for 200,000 BLKX to be sold at $0.004 (as seen in the market depth chart second down from the right).

This trade will be completed only once someone puts in a Bid to buy BLKX for $0.004 or more.

If no one wants to buy at that price, then the limit order will stay open. The investor can either wait until someone places that Bid, or they can cancel their order and change the price they are willing to sell at to liquidate faster.


Special Note on Market Orders

Market orders are immediate and the fastest way to liquidate and get your trades done. The order will be done at whatever the best current price is. At the time of this picture above, if someone were to do a market order, their coins would sell for $0.0026 (as seen at the top of the Bid section in green on the left).


Once you have bought or sold, you can now withdraw.

Here's how: How Do I Withdraw from MyBlockX?


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