How Do I Cancel My Account?

For various reasons, MyBlockX has it set up so accounts can't be closed but they can be abandoned.

Users might want to do this in the case where they have multiple accounts and only want to use one. They also might want to free up an email they're using in one account to be associated with the balance within another account.

Whatever the reason may be for you, it's a simple thing do to!

1. First thing is to empty your balance by sending it to another wallet. This can be your external wallet, another MyBlockX account, a friend, your Metamask, etc., It's all the same process. You can learn how here: How Do I Withdraw from MyBlockX?

2. Change all your personal information in this account so that nothing "about you" is left there. It's not super important that you do this, because if no one has the ability to log in to this account, then it doesn't matter what stays in there info-wise. But if you wanted to, you can.  Simply go to the navbar and select the gear icon. From there you'll see all the things you can change. What's most important to change here however is your email address if you were wanting to use this email for another account. You can change it to another email you'll never use, or you can change it to something fake.

3. After you have sent out your balance and/or changed your personal info, you can either leave it and never look back, or if you've changed the email within that account, you'll now have to "solidify" the change of email by going through the password reset flow starting with this link:

If you need a detailed walkthrough of that, you can follow the steps here: Why Can't I Reset My Password or Login?

4. Now that you have freed up your email from this account, you can now use this email for another account. Simply log in to that account and follow steps 2-3 here by changing the email using the gear icon and solidifying the change by going through the password reset flow.


All this still didn't work

No worries, it can be a bit tedious. We can also do this for you!

Simply message us at and provide us with the following info:

  • The email of the account you want to use (this is the account that you will use for trading from now on)
  • The balance within this account to verify your ownership
  • The email address you want to free up (ie., the email of the account you no longer want to use)

Once you send us that, we can make the changes for you.


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