What does single trade volume mean?

Single trade volume refers to the maximum dollar amount that your trading bot will use in one single trade.  

For Tier 1, the maximum single-trade volume is $10,000 USD.

For Tier 2, the maximum single-trade volume is $50,000

For Tier 3, there are no limits to the volume (in USD) that trading bot will use.

How does this limit impact bot performance and trading gains?

For example in tier 1, let's say you started with $1,000 invested. The bot is going to use this $1000 along with the gains that it creates over time (creating what's called "compounded interest.")

Once there is $10,000 in your bot trading account, the bot is going to use that full $10,000 for each trade. The wins from those trades however will no longer be included in the trading but rather just added to your balance, as the bot will only make single trades with $10,000 at any given time.

For tier two, the same would be true except the cap is now $50k.

And for tier three, there is no cap. The trading volume will simply keep growing.

Keep in mind that you can upgrade to the unlimited tier at any time.


For more info on what is included in each subscription tier, check out:



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