Where Do I Get My Access Token?

You successfully purchased the bot using the www.limitlessengine.com and now you need to connect it to your MyBlockX Account.


Follow these steps:


1. Login to Limitlessengine.com by selecting "Pre-Order Now"




2. Select the "Limitless Trading" link in the upper left corner




3. Select "Copy to Clipboard" and now you have the Access Token related to your account.




Note: If at step 2 you do not get to step 3 listed above, you must login first. You can do so by looking for the "person icon" as seen below.




4. Login to your MyBlockX account and select "Trading Bot New"




5. Once given the Purchase Plans, scroll to "I have an access token" and paste your access token from the previous site into this area and press "continue to payment."




6. Your Trading Bot is now registered to your account. Now its time to fund your account - minimum of $1000 USD. Select "Add Funds"




7. You can then load from the USD you have available in your MyBlockX account.


Note: If you do not have a minimum of $1000 to get started, you need to first add funds to your account. You can learn more about adding funds to your MyBlockX Account here: ​How Do I Fund My Account? (And Other Funding Related Questions)




8. Select the amount you wish to load into your Bot and "confirm deposit." Now "activate" your bot to begin trading. You will see all the trading details on your bot dashboard.





9. Once you have confirmed the activation, you will know your bot is on by the "active" status.





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