"I can't withdraw at all" - How to Navigate This Temporary Issue

You're reading this because you have been negatively affected by a software issue that has dramatically affected your ability to withdraw funds from the exchange.

No matter the amount or the time or the number of attempts, you get the error "Unable to Process  Withdrawal Currently" 


Now What

The good news is this is only temporary. The tech team is working on the solution that will permanently eradicate this issue, allowing you to have the seamless onramp/offramp experience you deserve.​

If you are reaching this article, at the time of its writing, we are anticipating only a few more days until it's finally resolved.

In the meantime, there is a way to manually check the BLKX Master Wallet Balance to see if it's a good time to attempt withdrawing.

Doing this allows you to see when might be a good time to withdraw and it also removes the need to submit a ticket only to hear us say "try again." We know how annoying that can be for you, so with this you are able to be a bit more in control of your withdrawals.


​Over View of Temporary Solution

To sum what we're saying below:

  1. check the wallet of the crypto you want to withdraw
  2. if it has a balance you can withdraw
  3. if it doesn't have a balance, you'll have to try again later
  4. once there is a balance, you can withdraw as usual by following the steps in this article: ​How Do I Withdraw from MyBlockX?

Here are the steps:

For ETH withdrawals: 

  • ​Go to https://etherscan.io/
  • Copy/paste this wallet address into the search bar: 0xbb47505cb2b2754caab75ccf889bcdeb520647c5
  • Locate the balance as indicated in the photo below (as you can see the balance was $13.28)
  • Note: It covers ALL ERC20 tokens, USDT and Etherium
  • Click here for the fast link: See ETH balance



For BTC withdrawals:

  • Go to. https://www.blockchain.com/explorer
  • Copy/paste this wallet address into the search bar: bc1qgt28mrqz6tz7qr94dcesudrpjyfdejm9uxykjx
  • Locate the balance as indicated in the photo below (as you can see the balance was $6.72)
  • Click here for the fast link: See BTC balance  



​Special Notes:

  • If there is not a lot of balance in the wallet, you will not be able to withdraw and you will have to check it again later​
  • There is a $5000 limit for each transaction, therefore smaller transactions are likely to go through faster
  • This is only a temporary issue...the team is working on it this very moment​
  • Etherscan.io is where you can observe wallet balances, but this is not a platform to send/receive funds. You can withdraw you funds from your MyBlockX Account by following the steps outlined here: ​How Do I Withdraw from MyBlockX?

We realize this is an unnecessary amount of work on your end just to pull out your own funds and we do apologize for this massive inconvenience.

But thankfully this issue is only a temporary issue.

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  • So that the production process can be completed as soon as possible, because I and my investors are in dire need at this time, which has been waiting for a long time for the production to be done..


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