My Bot is not working as I thought it should

You have purchased the Limitless Trading Engine and perhaps it is not performing how you thought it was going to right off the bat. In fact, you turned it on and it has only been losing.

Or perhaps you have been looking at the Quantitative Statistics Report (QuantStats) and have no idea how to read it or what you are seeing.

Here is the CTO in a community call doing a review of the QuantStats, the nuances of the bot, and other QnA as of Sept.2022


In this video, you will understand the strategy behind the bot, and how to read the back-trading history, which will then allow you to set proper expectations for the bot's performance.

All of this will indicate to you that the bot is a long-term strategy and to simply trust the process.


Are There Refunds?

At this moment the Limitless Trading Engine is non-refundable.


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