How do I send the affiliate link?

There are two ways to send friends and family an affiliate link to MyBlockX. One is via email address where the link is sent to them via the exchange, and the other is a link that you can copy and paste manually wherever you wish. You could send them this link in a direct email, or you can post it on your social media.


Locate the affiliate link in your MyBlockX Account

1. Log in to your MyBlockX Account and head to the gear icon for settings


2. Head to the "Refer a friend" link



3. Type in the email address of the person you want to send the link to via the exchange


4. Or, copy the link just underneath and paste it wherever you wish.



How much are the rewards for referrals?

After they have created an account and traded their first $100 USD, you will both be given $25 USD worth BLKX automatically deposited into your account.


You can see all the details regarding how many people have used your link and how much you have incurred in rewards located on the affiliate homepage.



What if my contact signs up without using the link?!

Unfortunately, if someone signs up without using the affiliate link, the referral rewards will not be paid out to either you or them. MyBlockX does not deposit referral rewards manually.

The workaround however is for them to create another new account using your link.

Once they deposit their first $100 USD then you will both get the referral rewards in BLKX.

They can then send that to a different account if they wish, or stay with the new account they just created.

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